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NFL Power Rankings, Week 9: Seahawks Top NFC West

The NFL Power Rankings for week nine are here and the Seahawks took a hit for their performance in Oakland last weekend. It's clear the NFC West is still there for the taking and the Seahawks are the highest ranked team in the division through the first half of the season.

St. Louis comes in right behind the Seahawks in most rankings, on the back of their win over the Carolina Panthers. The Rams have been a revelation in the NFC West, easing rookie quarterback Sam Bradford into the NFL while finding ways to win ballgames.

Even the San Fransisco 49ers dug themselves out of last place this weekend with a win over the Denver Broncos. The Niners gutted out a win in London behind a strong fourth quarter. They're still towards the bottom, but at least they finally got that second win.

Full rankings and notes after the jump.

Over at SB, Seattle is19th, three spots clear of the Rams. The next month of games are crucial for both the Seahawks and Rams and both teams face a touch stretch of games. The Rams take on the 49ers, Broncos and Cardinals, all on the road, while SB Nation had this to say about the Seahawks.

We'll find out if they can win this division over the next month. They play the Giants, Cardinals, Saints and Chiefs.

The Seahawks fell two spots in the power rankings, coming in at No. 19, as well. CBS ranks the Rams one spot behind the Seahawks, noting that head coach Steve Spagnuolo has a legitimate chance to win the NFC West. What's the biggest problem for the Seahawks this season?

Their offensive line is a problem. They have a tough time keeping Matt Hasselbeck upright.

Finally, over at ESPN, the Seahawks checked in at No. 20, one place clear of the Rams. The Seahawks fell three spots while the Rams, even after a win, fell one spot to make room for the Seahawks. Seattle was a point of disagreement for the voters, with all four ranking the Seahawks in different positions, between No. 17 and No. 22.