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Rams Lead Seahawks At Half, 10-3

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll went to the well one too many times with trick plays, leading to a fourth down stop by the Rams and allowing St. Louis kicker Josh Brown to kick a field goal just before half.

The Seahawks used some trickeration on their last drive of the half, using Michael Robinson on a halfback pass for a big gain. With Olindo Mare lined up for a 51 yard field goal, the Hawks again called a trick play, faking the field goal. Punter John Ryan couldn’t get the edge and was stopped short, giving the Rams the ball back.

Sam Bradford drove the field, setting up former Seahawks kicker Josh Brown. Brown easily hit the 30-yard field goal, sending the Rams into halftime with plenty of momentum.

At the half, the Rams lead the Seahawks 10-7.