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SBN Seattle Feature: Seahawks Will Beat Oakland And More


Six games into the NFL season, the Seattle Seahawks sit atop the NFC West with a record for 4-2. While they're on top and in the driver's seat, they haven't exactly won pretty, leading many to wonder if this team is for real. After all, there were no preseason expectations and, on paper, the Seahawks didn't look the least beat formidable.

Heading into the Oakland game, Seattle has found a winning formula, according to Jeff Nusser. Through stout run defense and superb special teams, the Seahawks are finding a way to win, despite the struggles of Matt Hasselbeck in the offense. Nusser is confident in the Seahawks's ability to beat teams with defense and special teams, especially when facing a mediocre opponent.

The point is that the NFL is littered with mediocre quarterbacks right now, including the one the Seahawks will be facing on Sunday. Yes, Darren McFadden and Michael Bush have proven they can run the ball, but it's only the 10th rated rushing offense by DVOA. If the Seahawks can bottle them up and make the Raiders one-dimensional this weekend, there stands a significant chance that Campbell can't beat them with his arm -- just like most of those other quarterbacks the Seahawks will face the rest of the way. Add in the fact that he'll likely constantly be starting deep in his own territory thanks to Mare and Ryan, and the job just gets that much more difficult.

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