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Olindo Mare Named Special Teams Player Of The Week

Seattle Seahawks kicker Olindo Mare will be rewarded tomorrow for his efforts against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday with the NFL Special Teams Player of the Week award. With an offense that frequently stalled in Cardinals territory, Mare endured a pounding rain to kick five field goals, making the difference in a 22-10 Seahawks victory. At one point, Mare hit three in row, the first two of which were nullified by holding penalties. Between penalties, both on the Seahawks and Cardinals during kickers, Mare kicked 10 field goals on Sunday, making the five that mattered most.

The Seahawks website broke the news earlier tonight and included some quotes from head coach Pete Carroll praising his kicker.

“But Olindo kept banging them home. He’s such a stud, come-through guy. I’m just so proud of him. That’s as difficult as you can get. That never happens in a game, to have that many chances and re-kicks. And he just kept banging them home. So that was a fantastic for him, and for us.”

Be careful, Oakland. If worst comes to worst, the Seahawks will field goal you to death on Sunday.