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Cardinals Turn The Ball Over Twice, Seahawks Settle For Field Goals, Lead 16-0

Michael Robinson was making an impact on today’s game against the Arizona Cardinals, but injured his knee and will not return. Robinson forced a fumble on a muffed punt, setting the Seahawks up for their first touchdown in the first half. He also rushed for three yards on one carry and caught one pass for seven yards.

In the third quarter, Arizona has turned the ball over twice in the second half so far, one coming on a muffed kickoff. The Seahawks failed to turn each into touchdowns. Deep in Arizona territory, Seattle settled for a field goal. After two holding penalties backed the Seahawks up on the next possession, Olindo Mare finally nailed a 51 yarder.

The Seahawks are in the third quarter, leading the Arizona Cardinals 16-0 in a sloppy game.