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Ken Wisehunt Not Worried About Qwest Field Noise

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After Max Hall said Qwest Field is a "fun place to play," Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Wisenhunt expressed confidence in how his rookie quarterback would handle the noise. Qwest, known as one of the loudest place to play, is one false start away from 100 since 2005. Opponents regularly get crossed up, jump early and are thrown into chaos because of the noise Seattle's outstanding 12th man generates.

The Seattle Seahawks Twitter account fueled the fire this morning, posting comments from Wisenhunt on the noise and how Hall will handle it.

AZ coach Whisenhunt on QB Max Hall at Qwest: "I don't think having to deal with the noise [is] going to be something that's foreign to him"less than a minute ago via HootSuite

Bring the noise this Sunday, 12th man.