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Arizona QB Max Hall: Qwest Field 'A Fun Place To Play'

Arizona rookie quarterback Max Hall fired a shot at the 12th man today, saying he’s heard Qwest Field is “a fun place to play.” Qwest, known as one of the loudest, most intimidating stadiums to play in, has caused plenty of headaches for opposing offenses over the years. From the 11 false start penalties levied to the New York Giants in 2005 to the 99 false starts since 2005, Qwest has been a nightmare for visiting teams.

Hall seems confident coming into Qwest and that may not be a good thing (quote via King 5)

Talking to reporters after the Cardinals worked out on Wednesday, Hall said that he’s heard the Seattle stadium is noisy and “a fun place to play.” He said quarterbacks coach Chris Miller told him that players live for these kinds of games.

Calling out Seahawk fans ahead of this weekend’s game for divisional supremacy might not be a great idea. Already amped at the thought of taking over sole possession of first place in the NFC West, you can be sure the 12th man will be loud and proud on Sunday, giving Hall the welcome he deserves.

So, let’s hear you 12th man. Push that false start count into triple digits and show Hall what Qwest Field is all about. Welcome him to the most intimidating environment in the NFL.