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Reebok Out, Nike Takes Over NFL Apparel License

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Tired of the small old Reebok apparel for your favorite NFL team? Good news! Nike is taking over the NFL apparel license, giving consumers more options for their team needs.

The NFL sent out a press release this morning announcing the decision and Nike's arrival as the official uniform and apparel partner of the league.

What does it mean for us? Well, it likely means the Seahawks will be wearing more off-the-wall uniform combinations in the future.

Nike will be the official uniform provider and will produce all on-field apparel including game uniforms and base layer, as well as sideline personnel apparel and fan gear.

New Era will be the official on-field headwear supplier and will produce headwear for the sidelines and for fans.

Nike already partners with many universities to provide football and basketball uniforms. While they do roll-out some new and exciting uniform options, they also tend to go a little crazy at times.

The changes go into effect for the 2012 season, so act now if you want the same Reebok apparel we've seen for what seems like an eternity.

What do you want to see the Seahawks do with the new uniforms? More of a throw-back look or a more modern, rave-green feel?