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WAC Expansion: Seattle University May Be Joining Conference On Borrowed Time

I hate raining on Seattle University's parade on the day it joins the WAC. After all, the Redhawks have been desperately searching for a conference to join since heading back to the Division 1A level and finally found a place to call home. This comes after the West Coast Conference continued to spurn its overtures, leaving Seattle U in the WAC, a conference now severely weakened by defections.

And because I don't want to rain on Seattle U's parade, I'll let Big Sky commissioner Doug Fullerton do it (via Tony Jones)

Big Sky Commish Doug Fullerton tells the Tribune that the WAC has contacted - and been turned down - by at least six of his schools. Fullerton says he would like to extend invites to Utah State and Idaho....the plot thickens

Know what's fun? Small conference survivor. The WAC, MWC and now, apparently, the Big Sky are engaged in a giant game of college athletics Darwinism. The fit will survive, the weak will die, and somehow an FCS conference inserted itself into the foray.

We're not going to take Fullerton seriously at this point, but feel the conference wars should be accompanied by fans chanting "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!" as the commissioners brawl on-stage.