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WAC Expansion: Seattle University To Hold Press Conference In Response To Invite


Bobcat Report has been tweeting this morning that Seattle University to the WAC is a done deal.

Last season, the Redhawks men's basketball team - the primary focus as a "revenue sport" - was 1-4 against the WAC, defeating Idaho on December 11. That, in case you're wondering, is one win better than their 0-4 record against the WCC.

But of course, in order to survive, the WAC will need to add football schools as well. San Jose Mercury News reporter Jon Wilner suggests they might take a two-phase approach to that.

WAC football: Expansion vote to come Tuesday(?) | College Hotline
Phase One (according to sources): Invite Seattle next week to join for the 2012-13 school year.

Phase Two: Invite multiple schools, including those that play football, next June (for 2013-14).

The delay would allow prospective football members to resolve the massive financial and/or political issues that come with jumping from FCS to FBS.