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UVU Turnovers Help Seattle U To A 35-32 Halftime Lead

After yet another turnover late in the first half, Utah Valley coach Dick Hunsaker yelled at star guard Isiah Williams that he had made a third grade play.

"Third grade!," he yelled to reiterate his point.

I'm not sure why he felt the need to repeat this point, but he did. And after that point down nine points with about four minutes left in the half, UVU seemed to turn things around and finished the half without making any turnovers to head into the locker room at halftime 35-32.

Early in the game, UVU was completely out of sync, finding a number of backdoor gaps in SU's defense but making a number of bad passes early in the offense to commit 12 turnovers for the half.

Holton Hunsaker was impressive running point, finishing the half with eight points and two assists while Sterling Carter led Seattle U with 14 points on 5-for-11 shooting, showing once again that he has no conscience from beyond the arc.