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Seattle University Trying To Join The WAC?

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It's long been thought Seattle U. was lobbying for membership in the West Coast Conference. The Redhawks fit the mold of the WCC, carrying basketball as a main sport and being a private, religious-based instituition. The addition of BYU as a member created an unbalanced schedule and seemed to open the door for SU to make their move.

In a somewhat unexpected move, the Las-Crucas Sun-Times is reporting the Seattle University administration is in Dallas, pitching themselves to the WAC.

Texas State, the University of Texas-San Antonio, Montana, Seattle and Denver will pitch themselves to a Western Athletic Conference membership committee today in Dallas.


New Mexico State Athletics Director McKinley Boston said each school has 45 minutes to make a presentation to the six remaining Western Athletic Conference athletic directors as well as WAC Commissioner Karl Benson.

Obviously, the WCC is the first option for the Redhawks. It's understandable that they're exploring every option ahead of the end of their probationary division one period, but they clearly want to stay home and join the WCC.

However, joining the fledgling WAC, with the conferences paltry TV deal, lack of exposure and relatively weak basketball slate, isn't in SU's best interests. If they want to make a big splash, continuing to lobby the WCC for membership is the best, and most obvious, course of action.

After a successful first year of division one play, the Redhawks are looking more attractive to potential suitors looking to add a basketball program. The transition from division two to division one will be complete ahead of the 2012-2013 season, giving them plenty of time to open doors and make a decision on conference membership.