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Seattle U Basketball: Former Teammates Of Elgin Baylor, Redhawks Stars Honored In Pre-Game And Halftime Ceremonies

Today's game is the seventh straight Elgin Baylor Classic for the Seattle University Redhawks and although Baylor isn't present, a few of his former teammates were.

A few minutes before the game, they recognized former Baylor teammates including Seattle U basketball Hall of Famer Jim Harney.

At halftime, they honored Ed & John O'Brien, who led the basketball team to 1953 NCAA Tournament before playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates, for whom their new facility on Cherry will be named after.

For more on what exactly this Elgin Baylor thing is all about.

Seattle U to Host Idaho in 2010 Elgin Baylor Classic - Seattle University Redhawks Athletics
ELGIN BAYLOR CLASSIC: Today's game has been designated the Elgin Baylor Classic, honoring the Hall of Fame basketball player who led the 1957-58 Seattle University squad to the national championship game. This is the seventh straight year that at least one game on the Redhawk schedule has been named the Elgin Baylor Classic. The tradition started at the beginning of the 2004-05 season. During Seattle U's Division II days, the Elgin Baylor Classic was a two-day tournament held at the start of each season.