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Former Seattle U Coach Callero On Degrees Of Separation From Michelle Obama And Dick Fain's Nickname For Him

Before Cameron Dollar, it was current Cal Poly coach "Pizmo Joe" Callero coaching the Seattle University Redhawks.

Or at least that's the nickname radio announcer Dick Fain gave him during Cal Poly's 76-60 win at KeyArena on Sunday night.

So among other things, Callero - a Seattle native and Seattle U alum as well - shared his thoughts about the nickname Fain gave him during an interview on Jeff and Jeremy in the Morning on 93.3 KZOZ in San Luis Obispo on Thursday.

Click here to listen to the Joe Callero interview on KZOZ radio.

Callero: One of the nicknames a reporter - the radio announcer up in Seattle, Dick Fain who covered our game with ESPN Radio - was calling me "Pizmo Joe". 

Jeff: Is he calling you "Pizmo Joe" because you moved down here?

Callero: Yeah, exactly: since I moved down here now he's calling me "Pizmo Joe".


Jeremy: I don't know if I like the "Pizmo Joe" nickname.

Callero: Like I said, that was their nickname - none of the players or coaches are calling me that.

As it turns out, Jeremy - a Seattle native - played high school basketball against Fain, who played at Mt. Rainier, and also shared a brief story of that.

But in between discussing the nicknames and conjuring up images of Fain's playing days, they also discussed what beating the Redhawks before they beat Oregon State University means for Cal Poly.

Jeff: And you coached a team that beat the team that beat a President's brother-in-law's team. Right?

Callero: How 'bout that? So translation goes, last Sunday we beat Seattle University, which turned around last night and beat Oregon State, which was coached by Craig Robinson, Barack Obama's brother-in-law. How 'bout that?

Jeremy: Michelle's brother.

Callero: Michelle's brother, there we go. Connect the dots!

However, extending that logic, there's a bit of sad news as well: Cal Poly went on to lose to Division II Cal State Monterey Bay Otters that night.

So...Otters > Cal Poly > Seattle U > Oregon State? Ouch.

Whatever, that logic doesn't work anyway.