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WAC Expansion: ESPN Reports Three Teams Will Join While Seattle Still Waits On Montana

As described here previously, ESPN's Andy Katz is reporting that Denver University, University of Texas-San Antonio and Texas State will join the Western Athletic Conference, pending official approval of UTSA from the Texas board of regents.

But that appears to be a matter of working, according to's Dan McCarney.

Meanwhile, Seattle University is still waiting on a decision from Montana, according to Katz.

Sources: Denver University, Texas-San Antonio and Texas State to join WAC - ESPN
Montana could also join the WAC in all sports, especially if the Grizzlies decide to bump up from FCS to FBS in football. Montana, a FCS power, is expected to make a decision in the next few weeks. If the Grizzlies decide against the move then Seattle would likely step in with all sports except football.

The WAC's perfect scenario, according to multiple sources, is to get to nine football schools, including Montana and 10 basketball schools.

McCarney adds some insight about the Montana decision and how that might influence whether tomorrow's announcement will be about acceptances or invites.

The WAC puzzle nears completion | UTSA Sports | a blog
The one final piece of the puzzle, whether or not the University of Montana will join, is reportedly close to being slotted home.

According the the Missoulian newspaper, Montana will make its decision to stay in the Football Championship Subdivision or move up to the WAC within the next week.

WAC sources have said commissioner Karl Benson prefers to make one sweeping announcement, unveiling all of the league’s additions at once, rather than do it piecemeal. So, if Montana hasn’t announced its decision by tomorrow, we might only get official acknowledgment of an invitation.

But, again — that will only be a matter of semantics.

So the bottom line for Seattle in the immediate future is this: if tomorrow's announcement comes without an indication of what Montana has decided, Seattle still has a chance at getting into the WAC. But if Montana chooses to make a move, Seattle is likely left without a conference.