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Seattle NBA Arena Holdup? City Councilmember Richard Conlin Interview [VIDEO]

The NBA in Seattle movement could be experiencing a hold-up of sorts if the arena meets civic opposition. And it seems that Richard Conlin of the Seattle City Council has some issues.

In an email Conlin sent yesterday, he noted the huge money encouraged from public investment and that it might be better off using it for the public good rather than trying to support private business endeavors. Although much of the money is being spotted by Hansen, Conlin seems to be encouraging that the SoDo plan be fully private rather than partly private and partly public.

Conlin explains his concerns after the jump in this video interview with King 5 News.

It should be noted Conlin is the only one voicing serious opposition and that it isn't even all that serious, especially with the "his mind isn't all made up" yet. It's more of the wishy-washy sort of opposition that really probably won't really hamper progress going forward on the SoDo project. Take that for what you will.