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Seattle Arena Rally: Quotes From Big Lo, Softy Mahler And Aaron Brooks

SB Nation Seattle had the opportunity of interviewing a few local sports figures at Thursday's rally.

Big Lo, Seattle's "Biggest" Sports Fan,

On what it feels like to be at the rally:

I feel like a kid at the candy store. This is like a reunion. To see all these guys, [Shawn] Kemp, [Kevin] Calabro, Gary [Payton], Nate Rob. It fills your heart with joy.

Comparing 2008 Save Our Sonics rally to Thursday's:

This is better than 2008. ... This feels like a future hello.

On the Mariners' opposition to the arena proposal:

I see the traffic down there all the time. It's going to be there no matter what. I think the Mariners are wrong thinking it'll hurt their organization.

950 KJR Radio Host Dave Softy Mahler's general thoughts on the rally:

This city showed that they deserve a team back and that they deserve a team back now. If it doesn't happen after all of the emotion shown here today than shame on us.

Aaron Brooks, NBA player and Franklin HS graduate on his decision to attend the rally:

It was out of respect for the Sonics and Gary Payton — I remember attending his camp when I was a kid. I have respect for Gary. I want to play here again. We need to have a team here.

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