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Seattle Arena Rally: Video Interview With Geologic (Blue Scholars)

SB Nation Seattle caught up with Geologic of the Blue Scholars after their set at Thursday's Sonics Arena Rally at Occidental Park. Geologic is one of Seattle's biggest sports fans. References to the Sonics can be found in the lyrics of the local rapper in several of the Blue Scholars' songs.

In May 2011, the Blue Scholars collaborated with Slick Watts and produced a video for their song named after the Sonics legend. "Slick Watts" pays homage to the Sonics by roll calling former players that have worn the green and gold.

Geologic gives us his thoughts on what it was like performing at the rally along with his opinion on the current opposition to the proposed arena deal.

Sonics Rally 2012, Interview with Geologic (Blue Scholars) (via kcacabelos)

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