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Seattle SuperSonics Legend Slick Watts' Headbands Featured During NBA Playoffs

There are few players in Seattle SuperSonics history who mean more to the franchise and their fans than Donald Earl Watts did. You probably know him better as Slick Watts. And with the Oklahoma City Thunder battling the Spurs in the Western Conference Finals, the guys over at TNT chronicled Watts' history in Seattle and how he revolutionized basketball style with his headbands.

We have the video for you after the jump. It's definitely one worth checking out.

Here it is. A big thanks to Sonicsgate for posting the video.

There are some great interviews in the video, including some from NBA greats. It seems like there are quite a few superstars both past and present wear a headband, most notably LeBron James, Paul Pierce and Allen Iverson. And while the youngsters may try to innovate their own style with a headband, no one will ever take Watts' place in Seattle.

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