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Aubrey McClendon Caught Up In Oklahoma City Thunder Ticket Scandal

Aubrey McClendon a co-owner with Clay Bennett and others of the Oklahoma City Thunder, is potentially involved with a ticket scandal concerning the team's ticket sales.

A recent report by CNBC Sports Business report Darren Rovell revealed that the embattled CEO's company, Chesapeake Energy, is responsible for a significant amount of the team's ticket revenue — $1.4 million in playoff tickets last year and $3.2 million in regular season tickets this season. These ticket-buying practices may be artificially inflating the ticket market.

The team and Chesapeake energy did not answer any specific questions in Rovell's report, but an unnamed insder source said the move might be advantageous to the Thunder organization:

There's one pro franchise in Oklahoma City, you'd think that they'd invest in a bunch of tickets and suites. It makes sense. The real question is, how many tickets do they really need?

This weekend, London-based hedge fund Noster Capital who owns a small stake in Chesapeake Energy called for McClendon to step down from his post as CEO. McClendon stepped down as chairman from the company at the beginning of the month as a result of his participation in a controversial move to secure $1 billion in personal loans using his interests of the company's wells.