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Jamal Crawford Summer Pro-Am League Preview: Rosters, Schedule And More

The NBA is back in Seattle. For this summer, at least. The Jamal Crawford Summer Pro-Am league gathers some of the area's best professional basketball talent and showcases it for everyone to see in a fun, relaxed and exciting environment.

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The NBA is back in Seattle. For this summer, at least. The Jamal Crawford Summer Pro-Am league gathers some of the area's best professional basketball talent and showcases it for everyone to see in a fun, relaxed and exciting environment.

The Sonics are long gone, and this is by no means a replacement for an NBA team, but basketball junkies have a chance to see hometown NBA talent play in a semi-competitive environment. In the past few years, players like Nate Robinson and Terrence Williams have taken these games seriously, especially in the fourth quarter.

This is also a chance for local basketball fans to see some former high school and college standouts that play overseas or do not play professionally anymore - former UW stars Tre Simmons, Will Conroy and Mike Jensen will all be playing in the league this summer.

Games run every weekend on Saturdays and Sundays at Rainier Vista Boys and Girls Club in south Seattle. Tipoff times are at 1:30 p.m., 3:00 p.m., and 4:30 p.m.. Admission is $5 for all three games with those 17 years old and younger having free admission. Follow @JCrawfordProAm on Twitter for more information.

Below are tentative rosters for this summer per the league's Facebook page. Note that these rosters are often fluid and usually will change as is the nature of a laid back summer league. Next to every player's name I have included their respective basketball affiliations. I was not able to gather information on every single player, so if you can help me out please drop a comment in the thread below. (Former/current NBA players are bolded)


  • Garrison Carr -- Issaquah HS, American University
  • Brandon Kelley -- Auburn HS, Pierce College
  • Tre Simmons -- Garfield HS, Washington, Overseas
  • Anthony Washington -- Garfield HS, Washington, Overseas
  • Terrence Williams -- Rainier Beach HS, Louisville, New Jersey Nets, Houston Rockets, Sacramento Kings
  • Chris Sprinkler -- Curtis HS, Central Washington
  • Jacob Manning
  • Joran Horner
  • Jamar Berry -- Franklin Pierce HS, Central Washington
  • Dwayne Wright


  • Ryan Webb -- Mountlake Terrace HS, Seattle University
  • Colin Matteson -- Meadowdale HS, University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • Evan Matteson -- Meadowdale HS, Texas A&M International
  • Andre Thompson -- Central Kitsap HS
  • Isaiah Thomas -- Curtis HS, Washington, Sacramento Kings
  • Tyler Ray Amaya -- Mount Vernon HS, Western Washington, Overseas
  • Paul Hafford -- Lynden Christian HS, Portland St., Bellingham Slam
  • Hiram Fuller -- Fresno St., Atlanta Hawks, Utah Jazz
  • Seamus Boxley -- Mountlake Terrace HS, Portland St., NBDL, Overseas
  • Giovonne Woods -- Western Washington, Overseas
  • Brian Johnson -- Seattle U, Seattle Mountaineers


  • Jamal Crawford -- Rainier Beach HS, Michigan, Chicago bulls, New York Knicks, Golden State Warriors, Atlanta Hawks, Portland Trailblazers
  • Marcellus Williams -- Renton HS, Colorado State University-Pueblo
  • Bruce Cooper -- Overseas, Seattle Mountaineers
  • Jim Rainwater -- Chief Sealth HS, Portland St.
  • Tony Wroten -- Garfield HS, Washington, NBA (draft prospect)
  • Shawn Henderson -- Renton HS, Idaho, Overseas
  • Jeremy Green
  • Sean Carter
  • Glen Hollins
  • Will Dorsey -- Rainier Beach HS
  • CJ Giles Beach -- Rainier Beach HS, Oregon St., Overseas


  • Marcus Bradford --- Columbia College, Seattle Mountaineers
  • Mike Jensen -- Kentwood HS, Washington
  • Jamaal Miller -- Garfield HS, Green River CC, Seattle Mountaineers
  • Melvin Jones -- Chief Sealth HS, Portland St.
  • Hans Gasser -- Issaquah HS, Washington
  • Matt Nelson -- Skyline HS, Boise St.
  • Matt Dlouhy -- Montana, Overseas
  • Will Conroy -- Garfield HS, Washington, NBDL, Memphis Grizzlies, Los Angeles Clippers, Houston Rockets, Overseas
  • Alvin Snow -- Franklin HS, Eastern Washington, Overseas
  • Rashaad Powell -- Renton HS, Idaho, ABA, Overseas


  • Nate Robinson -- Rainier Beach HS, Washington, New York Knicks, Boston Celtics, Oklahoma CIty Thunder, Golden State Warriors
  • Quinnan Braxton -- Garfield HS
  • Josh McMIllion
  • Jefe Burns
  • Jerry Petty -- Garfield HS, Nevada
  • Tyrone Shephard -- Fort Hays State
  • James Morgan -- Rainier Beach HS, San Francisco,
  • Chris Keller -- Snohomish County Explosion
  • Michael Niehl -- Seattle Mountaineers
  • JaJuan Winesberry -- Steilacoom HS, Washington
  • Ardess Ballard
  • Reggie Robinson


  • Ike Ohanson -- Arkansas Tech, Bellingham Slam
  • Donald Watts -- Lake Washingon HS, Washington, ABA
  • Carlos Singer -- Ingraham HS, Hardin-Simmons
  • Brent Williams -- Curtis HS, Stanford, Overseas
  • Antonio Sims -- Cleveland HS, Overseas
  • Justin Dentmon -- Washington, Overseas, NBDL, San Antonio Spurs, Toronto Raptors
  • Brandon Brown -- Wilson HS, Montana Western, Overseas
  • Shaquille McKissic -- Kentridge HS, North Idaho
  • Elvin Mims -- Southern Miss, Overseas
  • Terrell Smith -- Federal Way HS, Pacific
  • Anrio Adams -- Rainier Beach HS, Kansas
  • Brandon Adams --- Diablo Valley College, Hawaii


  • Tucker Haymond -- Garfield HS
  • Anthony Gallagher -- Rogers HS, Evergreen St., Overseas
  • Micha Downs-- Juanita HS, Gonzaga, Overseas
  • Jaire Winesberry -- Steilacoom HS, Tacoma CC, Tacoma Tide
  • Terry Thompson -- Central Wash., Overseas
  • Jamaal Williams -- Washington
  • Mike Ward -- South Puget Sound CC, Evergreen St.
  • Marcus Whittaker -- Olympia Reign
  • Brian Johnson
  • Maurice Tooliver -- Evergreen St.
  • Brandon Roy -- Garfield HS, Washington, Portland Trailblazers

Stray thoughts on the rosters:

  • Before researching the background of these players, I had no idea that there were so many local professional basketball teams in the area. Several players have played for the Bellingham Slam or Olympia Reign in the International Basketball League. A handful of players have found their way onto the Seattle Mountaineers, a team in the ABA.
  • Check out that 76ers squad, not only do they have the best scorer in the league (Terrence Williams) but they have Garrison Carr and Tre Simmons who can light it up from the outside.
  • .The Grizzlies should be fun to watch, former Husky Jamaal Williams has not played organized basketball in awhile, but if he can retain his low post scoring, watch out, him Brandon Roy and Micha Downs make up a solid trio.
  • Will Dorsey and Tucker Haymond are both still in high school, but who is to say that this experience won't benefit them moving forward?
  • The Trailblazers are stacked with talent, Jamal Crawford and Tony Wroten make up the league's best backcourt.
  • MIke Jensen and Hans Gasser on the same team with Will Conroy? Any fan of the early Romar teams will flock to watch their games
  • The talent in the league is evenly distributed, each team has at least one player with NBA experience.
  • Highlights of last year's Pro-Am are below:

Jamal Crawford presents HOMETEAM (pro-am highlights) (via futurehoops)