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NBA In Seattle: Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, Kings Owners Clash

The hopes that the NBA could return to Seattle were in dire straits after it appeared the Sacramento city council voted to take the right steps to keep the Kings in town.

But now there appears to be a lot of resentment brewing on both sides that could cause issues in keeping the team in Sacramento. This might open up a door of opportunity for Seattle to once again acquire an NBA team if everything falls apart between the city and the franchise. Josh Kerns of CSN Northwest has more.

The owners of Sacramento's NBA franchise issued a new warning on Monday: They won't go along with a new arena deal if they're expected to help pay.

It is a statement that could renew hope that the Kings might move to Seattle's proposed new arena instead.

According to KING 5, a lawyer for Sacramento Kings owners Joe, Gavin and George Maloof, says the team never agreed to help cover some of the costs of a new arena, despite a widely publicized announcement by the NBA and Sacramento's mayor.

The Maloofs do not seem to be negotiating in good faith with the city, and that could cause issues with the mayor's office. Already Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson has expressed disapproval and frustration with the team owners. Ryan Lillis of the Sacramento Bee has more on the situation.

Hours before the City Council is expected to approve the start of crucial pre-development work on the $391 million arena, the mayor accused the Maloofs of "tactics and antics that are not becoming of a true partnership."

"We as a city can't be jerked around," he said. "We can't keep having this issue flare up."

Johnson then indicated he wants the issue resolved by next week.

This is about to get very dicey for all parties.

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