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Seattle Arena design pictures revealed

The preliminary drawings for the new SoDo basketball arena were revealed on Friday.

Ronald Martinez

The design team for the new Seattle Arena revealed preliminary drawings on Friday for the proposed basketball and hockey arena financed by Chris Hansen, the Seattle Times reported on Friday.

Hansen is working with 360 Architects to build a $490 million arena that will sit up to 20,000 people. With the funding secured for the arena, Hansen will be aggressively pursuing a NBA team to call the new arena home, and potentially recruiting a NHL team in the future.

The preferred option has the entry way on First Avenue South and South Massachussets and features the upper stories wrapped in windows for picturesque sightlines of the downtown and Elliot Bay.

This is just the first in very many steps for the development process of the arena and the public will get a chance to sing their praises or air their grievances at a meeting on Dec. 11 at City Hall. A panel made up of qualified citizens will question the designers at 360 Architects to make sure the proposal fits with city tastes and guidelines.

A drawing of each of the design options can be seen on the Seattle Times here.