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Magic Johnson stumps for return of NBA to Seattle

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The legendary Lakers guard gives a glowing endorsement to return the NBA to the city of Seattle.

Jim Rogash

The chorus for getting an NBA team back in Seattle just got a 6-foot-9 solo from one of the game's greatest players and ambassadors in the one and only Magic Johnson.

Before speaking to donors and kids at the A Plus Youth Program gala in Seattle, Johnson reflected on the years he spent playing the Sonics. It's been 16 years since Johnson last scored in an NBA game and five years since the Sonics left for Oklahoma City. But the time hasn't dampened the memories Johnson has, as told to the Seattle Times.

"I have a fond place in my heart for Seattle, so I hope that an NBA team comes back to this great city, this great sports city," Johnson said.

With the man behind the plan to build an NBA and NHL arena in downtown Seattle, Chris Hansen, in the crowd, everyone listened to every word coming out of the legend's mouth as he gushed about Seattle.

Johnson speaking up about Seattle doesn't guarantee anything but his co-sign of the city of Seattle isn't a bad thing either. Hansen was thankful.

"It certainly can't hurt," Hansen said. "Magic is Magic. He's beloved, and his words carry a lot of weight. The more people we have on our side the better."

The NBA season begins tonight.