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Clay Bennett Is On The Oklahoma Sooners' Board Of Regents

All of a sudden, Oklahoma's desire to join the Pac-12 makes sense. Here is the list of current Oklahoma regents.

Chairman of the Board of Regents for 2011-2012 is ophthalmologist John M. Bell of Norman; Vice Chairman is Leslie J. Rainbolt-Forbes, M.D. of Oklahoma City.

Other members of the Board are Richard R. Dunning, Oklahoma City businessman; Tom Clark, Tulsa aviation-industry businessman; Jon R. Stuart, Tulsa businessman; A. Max Weitzenhoffer, prominent Broadway and London theatre producer; and Clayton I. Bennett, Oklahoma City businessman.

That's Clay Bennett, owner of the Seattle Sonics Oklahoma City Thunder. So it would figure he'd have some kind of hand in a team moving, though it's not a physical relocation this time. Kind of odd he was a part of the Sooners attempting to join a group of West Coast teams when he was running away from the area the last time we saw him.

*Yes, we know Bennett isn't the man who tried to spearhead the Sooners' move to the Pac-12, but this was too good to pass up. Bennett had little to do with it, other than authorizing David Boren to take action on conference alignment issues. Relax, Oklahoma City friends.