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Goodman League vs. Jamal Crawford Summer League Battle Could Happen

This is far from definitive, but a Goodman League vs. Jamal Crawford Summer League game could be in the cards at some point in the near future. With the NBA locked down and locked out, the focus has shifted to summer leagues and the endless summer of the NBA, with the Goodman and Drew League stealing the headlines with loaded rosters full of NBA stars.

So could it happen? According to Goodman League commissioner Miles Rawls, Jamal Crawford wants it to.

Goodman League commissioner Miles Rawls says Jamal Crawford has contacted him about a potential DC vs Seattle game.

This would be a hell of a show. Two weeks ago in DC, the Goodman and Drew Leagues faced off in an event billed as Capital Punishment. It was a collection of some of the NBA's finest talent, all under one roof in a time where the lockout has fans feeling about as low as they can get. In other words, it may have been the closest thing to the NBA we'll see this year.

Now, if Crawford and the Goodman League can work something else out, we'll have an encore, with an East meets West battle featuring some of Seattle's best ballers. Where it's held -- or even if the two leagues will face off -- is still unknown, but if the Goodman League happens to come to Seattle, look out. We could be in for a treat.