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NBA Draft Grades 2011: Golden State Warriors Needed Defense, Not Klay Thompson

While the Golden State Warriors received high marks from ESPN's Chad Ford, SB Nation's Tom Ziller wasn't so kind when he handed out his 2011 NBA Draft grades. To be clear, he doesn't hate the Klay Thompson pick, he just shares the same concern's SB Nation Seattle's Nate Parham had before the draft. Thompson can score, but he joins a backcourt filled with scorers, but missing defense.

Ziller gave the Warriors a D+ for their draft because it didn't address the team's biggest need.

Synopsis: Thompson will add some shooting to a team that finished middle of the pack in three-point efficiency. That's cool! Unfortunately, offense is not really Golden State's problem: the team finished No. 12 in offensive efficiency ... and No. 26 on defense. Thompson is currently a minus defender, and if he's playing next to Stephen Curry in a post-Monta Ellis reality, that's an awful porous backcourt.

This wouldn't be such a big deal if the Warriors didn't have a small hole at small forward -- Dorell Wright and Reggie Williams are there -- and if Leonard and Singleton weren't staring them in the face.

Clearly, Jerry West fell in love with Thompson. At some point, the Warriors are going to have to figure out a way to trade Monta Ellis -- a feat they've been attempting for what seems like an eternity. Until then, the backcourt is packed and the hole at power forward is gaping.

Thompson didn't address a need, but that doesn't mean he won't add value. He's a solid pick and should contribute right away in some form, but Golden State may struggle to slow anyone down.

Stay with this StoryStream for the latest on the draft and how Thompson may project in the NBA. For more on the Washington State Cougars, head over to SB Nation's CougCenter.