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2011 NBA Draft Grades: Isaiah Thomas Solid Value, Sacramento Kings Top The Class

With the 60th, and final, pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, the Sacramento Kings capped a wild day by picking Washington guard Isaiah Thomas last, but not least. The Kings day began with the first trade of the day, a three-way deal that sent picks every which direction. Sacramento dumped its No. 7 pick onto the Charlotte Bobcats, the Milwaukee Bucks handed the No. 10 pick over to the Kings and the No. 19 pick went to the Bucks. But it was what Sacramento did with the draft that received praise, and the Thomas pick factored into its 2011 NBA Draft grade.

ESPN's Chad Ford gave the Kings a solid A in his 2011 NBA Draft grades (insider), noting Jimmer Fredette and Tyler Honeycutt were solid picks in the first round. And in the second round, with the final pick draft, Sacramento capped its day with a solid value pick, Ford said.

Isaiah Thomas has value as the No. 60 pick -- he's tough, he can get to the basket and he can play the point.

Though he was the last pick in the draft, Thomas has a chance to come in and compete for a roster spot. As a second round pick, he's going to have to earn a place on the tea. For the Kings, it's a low-risk move that could pay dividends down the line. The pick was a win-win.

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