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2011 NBA Draft Results: UW Coach Lorenzo Romar 'Excited' For Isaiah Thomas, Hopeful For Matthew Bryan-Amaning, Justin Holiday

Being selected in the 2011 NBA Draft is an honor.

Being selected last is just motivation for a competitor like Washington Huskies guard Isaiah Thomas.

"He already has kind of a permanent chip on his shoulder and I’m sure the chip just got bigger," UW coach Lorenzo Romar said in a Huskies Athletics release.

SB Nation's Sactown Royalty suggests that Thomas will have a chance to compete with Pooh Jeter as the fourth guard in the Sacramento Kings' rotation.

For Thomas, who had some legitimate hope to be drafted as high as the late-first round, having to wait until the 60th pick has to be something of a disappointed, regardless of motivation potential. Nevertheless, Romar says the Kings were a team that Thomas impressed in workouts.

"He had good workouts with them, so I know they were impressed with him," Romar said. "With Tyreeke Evans, Jimmer Fredette and Pooh Jeter there…in Isaiah’s case I know he’s going to make the best of whatever situation he is in."

Mildly disappointing for the program is that neither Matthew Bryan-Amaning nor Justin Holiday were selected. Although Bryan-Amaning was a long shot, Holiday was on NBA radars but apparently his defensive ability wasn't quite persuasive enough to executives on draft night.

"Yeah. you’re pulling for them and we were anxious," Romar said. "I’m sure those guys (Justin Holiday and Matthew Bryan-Amaning) will get invited to go somewhere. I know with the pending lockout it is a different situation. But for Isaiah, he did get drafted so I’m excited for him."