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Nate Robinson Cited For Urinating In Public Outside A Barnes And Noble

It's hard to take public urination citations seriously when it's a celebrity, and it's even harder not to laugh. Nate Robinson is the latest victim of the late-night, gotta pee but got nowhere to go syndrome that tends to strike. So he did what any male in distress would do: Setup shop outside a Barnes and Noble in White Plains and let it rip. Unfortunately for him, Robinson didn't notice the police officer nearby.

As a result, Robinson was taken downtown, released on $100 bail and given a ticket for public urination.

He was taken Police Headquarters where he was issued a ticket charging him with a public urination violation. Robinson was released on $100 bail and is due in City Court on June 22. The violation normally carries a $50 fine. Police said he gave a Seattle, Wash., address.

Rough Thursday night for the Seattle native, but I guess it makes for a good story. it's not like he can't handle the $50 sign for using the sidewalk as a toilet.