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Jason Terry Filled With Fun Stories About How He Became The Man He Is Today

There's no denying Dallas Mavericks guard Jason Terry is a ball of personality. It shows on the court, in his interactions with teammates and fans and off the court, where Terry is never shy about speaking his mind. Terry's personality led Dirk Nowitzki to call him a "confident young man" while quipping about the Seattle native's propensity to run his mouth.

But there's a lot we don't know about Jason Terry. We see the persona he puts forth, but what about his background, and where he comes from. GQ took a look at Terry earlier this week and presented ten things you don't know about him.

For instance, Terry first drove a car when he was 14, but he had a pretty good reason to be behind the wheel: His mother was having a baby. Terry also explained why he chose to play his college ball at Arizona after pulling what we now call a Terrence Jones.

Before Terry's senior season in high school, he called a press conference to announce his college selection. "I put a Washington hat on, said I was going to Washington. Then, the next week, Lute Olson called me up. Arizona! Let me check this out. So I went down there, and Damon Stoudamire was my host. It was ninety degrees in October! I fell in love with it, man."

Check out the full story at GQ. It's filled with all sorts of interesting tidbits about Terry and how he became who he is today.