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On The Oklahoma City Tornadoes And The Line Between Sports And Reality

There's a line between sports and reality, or at least there should be. Sports provide an escape from reality and the rivalries on the field shouldn't necessarily continue off it. One day we can be rooting against the Oklahoma City Thunder and the next day we, as citizens of Seattle, should be standing with fans from Oklahoma City. That's the case on Tuesday, a day Oklahoma City needs as much support as it can get.

We've dished-out a fair share of barbs towards Oklahoma City and the Thunder after the Sonics were swept from Seattle, never to be seen again. We've traded jabs with fans from Oklahoma City, and it's gone both ways. But it's just sports-hate, if you will, and nothing more. And on a day like today, it simply doesn't matter.

Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas were hit by numerous devastating tornadoes on Tuesday. For hours, it's been one after the other with little breaks between. The trail of destruction stretches from Southwest of Oklahoma City all the way to Norman and beyond, and it's been heartbreaking to watch. Houses have been uprooted, cities have been reduced to rubble and people have been losing their lives. Nobody should ever have to go through what the citizens of Oklahoma City, Joplin or Tuscaloosa have in the last month.

As much as we may still be angry about the Sonics and the saga that surrounded the team as it left, it should never carryover to real-life.

Please keep the city in your thoughts and prayers. If you can, send monetary support -- we'll be passing along information on how to as it comes in. Put aside the sports hate, check back into reality and support Oklahoma City. They desperately need it right now.