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NBA Store Selling Oklahoma City Thunder Retro Hats Touting Seattle Sonics' Founding Date

We've talked quite a bit about the anger expressed when the NBA credits the Oklahoma City Thunder with the history of the Seattle Sonics. Seattle fans want their history back, Oklahoma City fans aren't concerned with their team's past and, still, the NBA keeps crediting the Thunder with Seattle's history. But on Sunday, I was alerted to a piece of apparel that should infuriate Seattle fans. The official NBA store is selling Oklahoma City retro gear, featuring the year the Sonics were founded.

Here is a picture of the hat in question, which features the year 1967.


via Sonicsgate on Twitter.

It doesn't make sense. The Thunder were founded in 2008, not 1967. That year belongs to our Seattle Sonics, not the Thunder. So why, then, would the NBA continue to slap Seattle in the face? It's almost as if the league is rubbing our noses in the fact that the team is gone and now in Oklahoma City Thunder.

Just give us the history back. It was forged in Seattle and belongs in Seattle, not in Oklahoma City.

You can find out more about the shared history between the two teams in our interview with Sonicsgate's Jason Reid.