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Thunder Fans Ridiculed By Comedy Central's Andrew Sleighter

The past month has been painful for Seattle sports fans. The Oklahoma City Thunder are now in the Western Conference Finals and on the verge of making it to the NBA Finals. As a result of the Thunder's playoff run, Sonics fans have been moaning, groaning, and debating about Seattle's lost team.

Andrew Sleighter, a sports blogger for Comedy Central's Sport Show with Norm McDonald recently posted a video of dancing Oklahoma City Thunder fans. Here is Sleighter's description of the video:

This humiliating flash handful-of-people performed by these desperate, lonely Thunder fans is all an attempt to get daytime talk show host Ellen Degeneres to "Thunder Up" and become an Oklahoma City fan.

Watch the video after the jump.

According to the original posting on Oklahoma City's Oklahoman website, the event organizers were the same people behind the "Let's Make Ellen our #1 Thunder Girl" Facebook page. Yes. Such a Facebook group exists Sonics fans. See it for yourself.