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Nate Robinson Praises Oklahoma City Thunder Fans, Breaks Seattle Fans' Hearts

When Nate Robinson was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder, I wrote it was a punch to the gut of Seattle. Robinson is a symbol of the Seattle basketball community more than anyone at this moment, thanks to his pint-sized body and larger than life persona. He proudly represents Seattle, or the 206 as he calls it, and is an ambassador for the city in the NBA.

But following a home win over the Memphis Grizzlies, Robinson took to Twitter and had this to say:

OKC aka Thunder fans are the best on the planet #handsdown #WorDaApP #OKCfans should be a #TTless than a minute ago via Echofon Favorite Retweet Reply

The sound you just heard was the hearts of Seattle breaking.

To be honest, it's not a huge deal, and I'd expect him to embrace the fans in the city he plays in. That's his personality, and has been everywhere he goes. And after the Thunder laid a 27-point beating on the Grizzlies, Robinson had a reason to be hyped up.

But more than a few were unhappy. Take this, from 710 ESPN host Matt Pitman.

That's horse CRAP by @nate_robinson. A #Seattle guy. If he wants to rebut he can come on @710espnseattle anytime. #bushleague @sonicsgate

Robinson clarified after receiving a harsh reaction from his hometown, noting Seattle will always be No. 1 in his heart.

#206 will always be #1 in my heart bro 4life RT @TyFeuling: @nate_robinson ouch, bro. That kills Seattle....

While many of us wish Robinson would rep Sonics gear in Oklahoma City and stand up for the stolen team, it's unrealistic in many ways. Clay Bennett and the Thunder are paying his salary and he's trying to embrace the city and its fans in the same way they've embraced him.

It doesn't make it any less harsh for Seattle fans, but cut Robinson a little slack. He's a Seattle guy through-and-through and is in a tough spot as far as loyalty goes. But still, a better choice of words would've been nice. We all know Seattle fans are still the best on the planet. Robinson must've just misspoke.