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Thunder Vs. Nuggets: Sonicsgate With Prime Seats As Green And Gold Invades Denver

If you’re not watching Saturday night’s NBA playoff matchup between the Denver Nuggets and Oklahoma City Thunder, you may want to tune-in. It’s not necessarily the game that’s the story for Seattle, it’s the show of support from a few intrepid fans behind the Thunder bench. If you take a gander at the row immediately behind the bench, you’ll see a familiar, and comforting, sight: Sonicsgate and 206hoops, decked out in green and gold.

The Sonicsgate crew, and a few friends, are representing Seattle strong in Denver, holding up Sonics jerseys, wearing head-to-toe Sonics colors and even bringing Gary Payton along for the ride — a cardboard headshot cut-out, of course. The cowbells are ringing, as well, and can be heard clearly on the ESPN broadcast. It’s not the first time Sonicsgate has traveled to support the cause, but may be the most high-profile, considering the stage and location of the seats.

Check out the game on ESPN and keep an eye out for those Sonics colors on the right-hand side of your screen. Excellent work by Sonicsgate and 206hoops for raising the money to make the trip and showing up in-force.

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