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Sacramento Kings Staying For At Least Another Year, According To Report

The city of Sacramento scored a major win on Friday as mayor Kevin Johnson staved off relocation, at least for another year. Johnson had been putting together a last-ditch plan to put-off relocation to Anaheim, securing donors in an effort to buy the city time to secure funding for a new arena. The Maloofs had been trying to take the team to Anaheim and it appeared to be a foregone conclusion the Kings would be heading out of town as soon as May.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Johnson’s plan passed muster and the relocation committee, headed by Oklahoma City Thunder owner Clay Bennett, is expected to recommend the Kings stay in Sacramento, at least for the next year.

With the new May 2 deadline approaching, the relocation committee is expected to convene late next week.

If Sacramento’s offer stands up, the committee is expected to recommend that the Kings remain in the city for next season.

The report also states the Maloofs can still request a move to Anaheim, but the same relocation committee would be the one making the ruling. For now, it appears Sacramento has staved off relocation thanks to the impressive efforts of Johnson and the city as a whole.

Congratulations to Sacramento and Kevin Johnson for saving their franchise. With any luck, Sacramento will be a viable NBA city for years to come.

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