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Sonicsgate Ready For Denver, Bringing Cowbells To Support Sacramento Kings

In Sacramento, the ringing of cowbells has become synonymous with Kings fans. At Arco Arena, cowbells ring-out as the Kings take the floor, with fans showing their support using the distinct sounds the instrument makes. As the Maloof brothers attempt to move the team, fans continue to let their cowbells ring while making their voices heard, all in an effort to keep their team where it belongs. It’s something we know all too well here in Seattle.

On Saturday, as Sonicsgate travels to Denver, Seattle will stand with Sacramento fans, who are putting together a last-ditch effort to keep the Kings from relocating to Anaheim. Clay Bennett, head of the NBA relocation committee, will be there, making Game 3 the perfect time to show support for the Kings cause. And what better way to do it than symbolically, with cowbells ringing at Pepsi Center?

We’ll be following the Sonicsgate trip to Denver for Game 3 of the NBA playoff series between the Nuggets and Oklahoma City Thunder in this StoryStream. Stay with us as we update the latest news from the trip and the plans of those heading to Denver.