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Sonicsgate Talks Sacramento Kings Relocation On Outside The Lines

The Sacramento Kings relocation saga is receiving plenty of attention as a deadline for a decision nears. On Friday, the Kings were granted a stay of execution as the NBA moved the relocation back, giving Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson a few more weeks to finalize a plan to keep the team in Sacramento. But the announcement of an extension came with an uproar as Clay Bennett was named chairman of the relocation committee, bringing back memories of the Seattle Sonics and our own relocation saga.

Sonicsgate has been at the center of the storm in many ways, both working to keep the memory of the Seattle Sonics alive and in pushing back against the NBA as the Kings sit on the verge of relocation. On Monday, Jason Reid, one of the Sonicsgate producers, sat on an Outside the Lines panel as the group discussed the Kings relocation, as well as how it relates to the Sonics.

Reid appears at around the 13 minute mark and discusses the Sonicsgate movement, why the fight continues three years after the Sonics left and the parallels between the Sonics and Kings. We're watching the Kings and the city of Sacramento go through the same trials and tribulations as we did in Seattle just a few years ago. And though the Kings received an extension and may have a buyer lined up, it looks as though the NBA is stacking all the cards against the city of Sacramento.

Sonicsgate will be in Denver on Saturday, taking in Game 3 of the NBA playoff matchup between the Denver Nuggets and Oklahoma City Thunder. Reid makes it clear who Seattle is rooting against, noting "we root against OKC." We'll be tracking the Sonicsgate trip to Denver and will have much more on it as the week progresses.

You can find more at the Sonicsgate website and through the Sonicsgate Twitter feed.