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NBA Playoffs 2011: Denver Nuggets, Oklahoma City Thunder To Have Party Crashed By Sonicsgate

Seattle fans are a passionate bunch and this weekend, I watched another amazing display from the city. On short notice, the folks from Sonicsgate put out a plea on Twitter. You see, Sonicsgate came up with prime tickets to Game 3 of the NBA playoff matchup between the Denver Nuggets and Oklahoma City Thunder, better known as our Seattle Sonics. So the Sonicsgate crew sprung into action, requesting funding to pay for their travel and expenses for the road trip.

And boy did Seattle respond. In just a few days, and five days ahead of the deadline, Seattle fans contributed well over the $2,100 goal on Kikstart to send Sonicsgate to Denver. Call it mission accomplished, but it's not over yet. In fact, it's not even close and the cause has taken on a new form.

The outpouring of support from Seattle fans, Sacramento Kings fans and others has been remarkable to watch. Sonicsgate has become a rallying cry for those looking to fire back and stand up to David Stern and his NBA honchos. Stern drew fire for appointing Clay Bennett chairman of the NBA relocation committee, much to the outrage of Sonics' fans and those trying to save the Kings. And there was Sonicsgate, taking up the cause and fighting back.

Thanks to the help from about 100 citizens, Sonicsgate is taking its show on the road again, and has another date with the Thunder. Tune-in on Saturday and spot the guys in Sonics gear. Who knows, maybe Squatch will show up again.