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Clay Bennett Relocation Committee News Spawns Twitter Hilarity

The outrage over Clay Bennett being appointed chairmen of the NBA relocation committee has temporarily subsided as the masses take to Twitter to dole out the best medicine possible: Laughter. The initial outrage is still there, but has taken the form of mocking as many make their own appointments to aid Stern in his future endeavors. It's simple, and all done under the #otherSternAppointments hashtag, which has taken on a life of its own on Twitter. 

After the jump, a few examples to get you started.

Like making the Octomom in charge of Planned Parenthood (via Bob Condotta)
Homer Simpson as doughnut inspector (via Ericsgot3girls)
Clay Bennett being appointed new head of #NBA's relocation committee is like hiring Matt Millen for expert draft analysis (via MortChristenson)
Naming Sharktopus head lifeguard (via Brian McIntyre)
Bennett being in charge of relocation in NBA is like Barry Bonds being of charge of steroid committee in MLB (via AddisonWalton)
Like Ron Artest in charge of crowd control (via GoSeaHox)
Like putting Allen Iverson in charge of practice (Condotta again. He's on fire today)

You get the picture. Do your worst, Seattle. Post them on Twitter (we're @sbnseattle) or in the comments.