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Clay Bennett Named Head Of NBA Relocation Committee

Who better to head the NBA relocation committee than an owner with plenty of experience moving a team. Speaking to reporters about the Sacramento Kings relocation saga, David Stern let it be known Oklahoma City Thunder owner Clay Bennett had been named the relocation committee chairman on Friday. Some things just cannot be made up.


We all know the Bennett story by now. He and a team of investors from Oklahoma City bought the Seattle Sonics with clear intentions to move the team. He lied about his intentions, his investors covered up emails and he snatched the team away, shuttling it off to Oklahoma City after a short battle from the city of Seattle and Sonics fans.


Now, just a few years later, Bennett is back in the middle of a relocation saga, this time presiding over the Kings potential move to Anaheim. The Maloof brothers, owners of the Kings, have made it clear they're looking for a way out of Sacramento and have a deal in place with the city of Anaheim to move the team, perhaps as soon as this offseason.


And the man in charge is the same swindle-artist that took the Sonics away, lying every step of the way. Just another reason to hate David Stern and the NBA. Nice work, gentlemen.