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VIDEO: Rodney Stuckey Dunks On Chris Bosh

Wednesday night was a good night for Northwest dunkers. In the NIT, Washington State's Klay Thompson threw down an absolutely vicious dunk, vaulting into the No. 1 spot on SportsCenter's Top Plays. And the No. 2 play? Well that belongs to another dunker with Northwest connections: Kentwood's own Rodney Stuckey. Against the Miami Heat, Stuckey drove the lane and threw down a hammer on Chris Bosh.

Check out the video of Stuckey's dunk below (via John Timeus on Twitter).

I've known Rodney and watched him play for a long time, from middle school playgrounds to Eastern Washington, and he never struck me as an in your face, get outta my way, I'm gonna dunk on you type player. An excellent scorer and all-around player? Definitely. But a big-time dunker that'll throw down on Bosh -- no matter how soft the big-man is? Didn't see that one coming.

Still, Stuckey's dunk was absolutely vicious, and powerful in every way. I love seeing Bosh get dunked on, but when it's one of our own guys? Well, that just makes it even better. Props to Rodney, who continues to come up big in the NBA.