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Aaron Brooks Traded To Phoenix Suns At NBA Trade Deadline

It hasn’t been a good day for guards from the Seattle area. First, Nate Robinson was traded from the Boston Celtics to the Oklahoma City Thunder, a blow straight to the heart of Seattle fans. Aaron Brooks was next, heading to Phoenix to join the Suns, according to a report. In the trade, Phoenix sent Goran Dragic and a first-round pick to Houston for Brooks just as the trade deadline was passing.

Brooks had been rumored to be on the block as Houston shopped his services with the trade deadline looming. At one point, Brooks was rumored to be part of the Rockets talks with the Portland Trail Blazers, centered around Marcus Camby. In the end, though, it was the Phoenix Suns that pulled off the deal, enticing Houston and getting the trade in at the wire.

While it’s better than Robinson’s situation, Brooks still has to uproot and head west, leaving a place he’s set up shop. Brooks is in the final year of his contract, making him vulnerable to a trade situation as the Rockets tried to get some kind of value out of him before he became a free agent. In Phoenix, he gets a fresh start while also joining a potential contender.

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