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Marcus Camby To Houston For Aaron Brooks, Others Is The Latest NBA Trade Rumor

We’re just minutes away from the NBA trade deadline, but the rumors are flowing fast. The latest involves the Houston Rockets and Portland Trail Blazers, countering earlier reports that a deal that would send Marcus Camby to Houston for Aaron Brooks and others was dead. According to Ken Berger, the deal is still being worked, and may happen ahead of the trade deadline.

It may not just be the Rockets and Blazers, though, according to Berger. The Minnesota Timberwolves, looking to offload Jonny Flynn, may be a third team in the deal, sending Flynn to Houston for an unknown haul. The Blazers, happy with Brooks as part of the deal, are also looking for more pieces to the puzzle, needing a bigger haul to part ways with Camby.

Houston would be a homecoming for Camby, who takes up residence there in the offseason. At the same time, Camby has said he loves Portland and doesn't want to leave, with only a few options, including Houston and Portland, attractive to him. Because of that, it's quite possible this deal happens, should the pieces fall into place.

After an earlier deal for Gerald Wallace fell through, the Blazers may not be done yet, looking to make a last-second deal ahead of the trade deadline. For the latest, check out our NBA trade rumors StoryStream. For more on the Blazers, check out SB Nation’s Blazers Edge.