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NBA Trade Deadline Rumors: Gerald Wallace To Portland Talks Dead

After the speculation on Wednesday that a deal to send Gerald Wallace to Portland was nearly done, Michael Jordan reportedly had cold feet, backing out of the trade at the last moment. On Wednesday morning, a report out of Charlotte confirmed the talks between the Blazers and Bobcats were dead, ending any hopes of picking up Wallace at the trade deadlines for Blazers’ fans.

The deal, which reportedly involved either Andre Miller or Joel Przybilla on the Blazers side, had been in the works for over two months, with talks reportedly beginning all the way back in December. It’s unclear whether the Blazers and Bobcats cut talks off earlier, with conflicting reports emerging on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

At one point on Tuesday night, it was reported the Bobcats were continuing to ask for more, with Rudy Fernandez’s agent telling a reporter Michael Jordan was being difficult. For whatever reason, the trade pieces never came together, whether it was because Jordan wanted too much, Portland wasn’t sold on Wallace or because a deal simply couldn’t be worked out.

With just about two hours until the trade deadline, it’s looking like the Blazers are standing pat, but keep an eye on our NBA trade rumors StoryStream for the latest. For more on the Blazers, check out SB Nation’s Blazers Edge.