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Shawn Kemp Talks Blake Griffin Car Dunk, His Own Dunking Prowess

What better person to interview after a thrilling NBA Slam Dunk Contest than Shawn Kemp? In his prime, Kemp was one of the most, if not the most, prolific dunkers in the NBA, putting on a show each and every night. But Kemp, who watched Blake Griffin dunk over a Kia on Saturday night, had some harsh words about the dunk contest, and Griffin's dunk, while throwing out a challenge of his own.

Kemp joined Dave "Softy" Mahler about the nature of the dunk contest earlier this week, noting the use of props is up, perhaps watering the contest down. And Griffin's dunk? Child's play, says Kemp (via Sports Radio Interviews).

"I'm a big Blake Griffin fan, but that dunk at the contest might've been the weakest dunk in the dunk contest that I've seen in a long time. I love the choir and all that stuff was great, but you at least gotta jump over the car though right? He swung over the car and landed on the hood of the car. I think he should at least be able to jump over the front of the car."

Kemp's right in his opinion that Griffin could've done better. Though the show Griffin put on -- employing the choir and Baron Davis -- was nice, he jumped over the hood of a Kia. Griffin can do better than that. Kemp had a better idea, throwing down the gauntlet on the show.

Kemp said he was ready to throw down over not one, but two smart cars, of the Toyota Prius variety. Playing off the Griffin dunk, he said he'd bring out the choir and everything in an effort to upstage Griffin. Even at his age, and questionable shape, Kemp says he's still got it.

If he can still get up and dunk -- and he says he can -- then let's get this thing going. Grab a car, get a hoop and let Kemp jump over it to see how it turns out. Get Griffin involved for a dunk-off, even.

Imagine what it'd be like if Griffin and Kemp squared-off in a dunk contest during each of their primes, with each engaging in a giant game of one-up. Great television? That'd be an understatement.