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NBA Trade Rumors: Bobcats Want Rudy Fernandez, Blazers Still Discussing Gerald Wallace

The Charlotte Bobcats and Portland Trail Blazers are reportedly still talking, despite earlier news that trade discussions centered around Gerald Wallace had settled after Michael Jordan had second thoughts. This time around, though, the Bobcats appear to be looking for more, asking the Blazers for Rudy Fernandez to be included in a potential trade. Andre Miller, Joel Przybilla and a draft pick were also rumored to be in the mix, though no specifics were given earlier on Tuesday.

According to Fernandez’s agent, the Portland guard has no interest in heading to Charlotte, perhaps throwing a wrench into the trade talks. His agent, Andy Miller, told The Oregonian’s Jason Quick that Jordan was informed Fernandez would ask for a buyout and return to Spain should the Blazers trade him away to Charlotte. Miller added a parting shot, saying Jordan was being argumentative for no reason.

As it stands now, the Blazers aren’t commenting, but are apparently looking for a way to bring Wallace to Portland. Talks are still at a standstill, but the line of communication is open, with Jordan haggling over players in the trade package. The two sides have until noon on Thursday to work out a deal before the trade window closes.

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