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Slam Dunk Contest 2011 Videos: Slow-Mo Dunk Videos A Work Of Art

The Slam Dunk Contest videos keep coming and the latest set are a sight to behold. The NBA did a cool thing on Saturday night, using high-speed cameras to capture the action in slow-mo. Using its Youtube channel, the NBA posted the Blake Griffin car dunk, JaVale McGee double-dunk and DeMar DeRozan reverse windmill dunk in slow-motion, all set to a dramatic soundtrack (H/T Deadspin)

First up, the winning dunk from Griffin with an assist from teammate Baron Davis. It has to be the music that makes it. Nothing like a dramatic, triumphant musical arrangement to compliment a guy jumping over a car. As always, keep an eye on Davis in the background after the dunk.

Next up, McGee dunking two balls in two hoops. Again, the NBA brings the dramatic music, adding to the drama of the video. Check out McGee's face in slow motion and the concentration he displays while dunking one ball and finding the ball he threw off the backboard.

Finally, DeMar DeRozan's second dunk was given the slow-motion treatment. For the dunk, DeRozan threw himself a lob, flushing it with a twisting windmill dunk. The video is the short and sweet, but captures the moment well. Check out the faces in the background, as well.

Job well done by the NBA for turning the dunk contest into a great marketing opportunity. It wouldn't be surprising to see these to show up as commercials sometime in the near future.

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