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NBA All-Star Game Halftime Show 2011 Video: Rihanna, Drake, Kanye West Battle Sound Troubles

Rihanna took the stage at the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday night, getting a little help from Kanye West and Drake at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Together, the three rocked the house, but it was microphone troubles that hampered the halftime show. For what looked to be a promising show, the sound issues were a bit disappointing.

Check out Kanye, Drake and Rihanna together performing a melody, with Rihanna and Drake combining for "What's My Name?" and Kanye rising from the stage in a fitting entrance.

Now for the obvious comparison. Black Eyed Peas at the Super Bowl or the NBA All-Star Game trio? The Black Eyed Peas went with the outrageous show, dressing up in something that looked like it was from outer space while putting together a performance that didn't go over well with the masses. Even with a guest appearance from Slash, the show couldn't be salvaged in the eyes of many.

On the other hand, the NBA All-Star Game halftime show went over well, with Kanye, Rihanna and Drake all praised almost universally. The three were entertaining all-around, not taking it too seriously or going over the top with the performance. Rihanna was, obviously, the star of the show, but Drake makes a nice cameo and Kanye played up his usual ridiculous persona. All-in-all not a bad job at all.

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